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App Store Optimization – A Vital Factor in Digital Marketing

Have you ever heard about App store optimization services? Don’t hesitate to answer as you’re not the single person on the planet who is unaware of ASO services.

It’s now necessary for us to make you aware what App store optimization actually is, before proceeding ahead.

What is App Store Optimization – A Brief Overview

App store optimization; you can say is the recent innovation in the digital marketing and the reason being it is gaining popularity is the regular swelling of App market to a size, which was not expected by anyone. Every brand or business organization is looking to drive the target audience through the App.

Every business has to deploy an effective app search optimization strategies and you’re also required to do so to avoid any hurdle as the mobile app publisher. The best way out here is to promote the App in such a way that it ranks high in the App store and gains the attention of the target audience.

What Codword can do for you?

Codword has a team of certified ASO professionals with the mass experience to build a strategy to bolster application as well as increase brand visibility so that numbers keep increasing in-app download. We have helped several clients with an effective App store seo and our efforts to keep App ranking on top of the category have never turned futile. Our team works day-in and day out for delivering fruitful results to clients as per their expectations.

Our Approach Towards App Store Optimization

At Codword, we offer a professional approach to every service which our clients require and deliver the same with perfection. Our team does extensive research before taking a step ahead to deliver App store optimization services. We create a blueprint and formulate an ASO strategy to understand the need of target audience, the landscape as well as the utility of your App.

Here are the certain steps that signify our approach towards App Store Optimization:

Keyword Research for ASO

Our ASO team is completely aware that the Google Play Store and App store has a different approach towards ASO. We have a set of tools to know the language and keywords what customers generally use to search the App as well as analyze what your competitors are targeting and the ones that can drive more traffic to your website.

App Title and Description

App title and description are the essential factors to be considered while offering the ASO services and our team is proficient enough to maintain the balance between uniqueness, as well as relevant keywords to be included in the title and description We work by creating short titles and concise description having targeted keywords that deliver effective search results.

App Review and Ratings

The App review and rating is given by the users play a vital role in App ranking. The more is the volume and quality of reviews and rating. We know how to analyze existing reviews and work on improvising ASO with a dedication to increase the flurry of positive reviews by leveraging the feedback given by users upon using the App.

App Logo

The first impression does matter the most everywhere and when it comes to App ranking, it is mandatory. We are capable to create an attention-grabbing logo for your application that has a meaning in itself. A simple and attractive logo image with a unique shape can play a key role in branding which is also an integral part of ASO.

App Screenshots

Publishing the screenshots of the application generally attracts the users and there’s a huge chance of the App getting downloaded on their Smartphone which certainly leads to enhancement in its ranking on Google Play or App Store. At Codword, we do not think about leaving any possibilities of delivering ASO services from our end and perform every activity with perfection to deliver impressive results throughout.

App Category

In the App store, there are two categories in which the App is submitted; primary and secondary while Google play store has only one to be picked. Choosing a relevant category is important for success. The essential factors like App user-friendly, competitor categories are ought to be considered and our app store optimization experts deliver everything with perfection.

Download and Retention

Post download, App engagement, and retention are the factors that are to be considered to be the main challenges once the user installs the app on his/her device. The top quality app is the first step and then follows the incentivization, adding personalization, asking and acting on user feedback, etc. We at Codword, handle everything and make the things work in a streamlined manner as this process is also involved in ASO.

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