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Performance Display Services

Offers a Core Value to Your Business

The website performance report is something like a showcase offered to the client after complete analysis. There are certain attributes that are considered while delivering performance display services to make client know what action is being taken on the website at present and what remains in the pipeline to be accomplished with perfection.

Codword never let any client feel unsatisfied with the services offered by our professional team of experts. Whatever we do is shown to the client for approval before making it online.

When we talk about performance display, it’s all about delivering timely reports on the projects being outsourced by the clients to us. It includes website analysis, keyword analysis, and page speed analysis.

We cannot ignore any of these parameters once the project is undertaken by us as it’s totally our responsibility to analyze website performance and define actions accordingly.

Website SEO Analysis is scheduled to happen on a regular basis

At Codword, we strictly imply all the regulations with website seo analysis to be conducted on a regular basis; say weekly or bi-weekly to check the effectiveness of SEO practices on the keyword ranking. Apart from that, SEO audit report is generated every month taking into consideration of analytical report generated as per performance display.

Here is how you can generate an SEO analysis report:

  • Website keyword analysis:It is done as per the proximity of keywords placed on the website content as per the proportion to bypass during the SEO audit report. The keyword stuffing is something that is unacceptable in all sense and our experts keep a close look at all aspects to keep the things clean.

  • Web traffic analysis:This is done to analyze website traffic. It is done on the basis of different factors like geographical region, demography, age and other vital attributes.

  • Web page analyzer report: It includes the report of mobile-friendly analysis, page load speed and much more. The analyzer checks the page authority as well as content and responsiveness to check if it passes the required parameter.

  • Website seo score: SEO score is generated on the basis of tasks accomplished like on-page seo, off-page seo activities, backlinks report. The SEO health check is done for a particular domain. The website audit also delivers the results as per the SEO score that determines if the process actually worked in a positive direction or need improvements. SEO health check report is also considered to determine the final score.

What you can expect from Codword?

At Codword, we deliver real-time performance display services through different channels. We are committed to delivering the best services to our clients. In order to do so, everything is analyzed to a core level and all the aspects are taken into consideration before delivering the final solution.

Benefits of Performance Display and Analytics

Performance display is something to deliver the best services and earn fruitful results out of it. The analytical report goes side by side as it cannot be left alone. It’s all about checking whether the conversions have actually delivered profit to the business as per the investment made.

At Codword, we take care of everything. Right from optimizing the display advertisement or text in the webpage, we also deliver comprehensive services by delivering analytical services to check all aspects of SEO and website in terms of the quick audit to know the loopholes that can be filled up to deliver effective services.