PPC Management Services

PPC advertising being an influential component of digital marketing services, is based on targeting keyword with perfect bid placed on it. Its main aim is to bring customers to your website; whenever they click the premium advertisements placed on major search engines and social media sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

At CODWORD- PPC management company, we have a team of PPC expert; who are quite competent when it comes to placing perfect bid on targeted keywords as per the services offered by client. No matter what your website niche is related to, our team follow the entire procedure with perfection and bring your advertisement on the first page above search results with an aim to deliver best ROI.

What is PPC services?

In an exchange of small price, businesses or individuals can appear on first page of Google through PPC. Pay per Click is a marketing platform and an effective technique provided by Google & Bing to get your ads publicized on the ‘sponsored links’ section of search engines' result pages. PPC Services aid you to in promoting your website and inviting traffic towards your site over search engines. You will pay a price to Google every time while your link is clicked, depending on the campaign you may have set.

Why CODWORD Click?

    Why hire us as a PPC (Bing, Ad words) Agency partner:

  • Expertise in Google Adword, Yahoo and Bing Promotion.
  • 10+ years of experience in online marketing industry
  • Trial campaign setup on Minimal charge
  • 99% customer Satisfaction

  • How We Succeed

    CODWORD believe there are two key aspects for successful PPC marketing: follow-through and strategy. CODWORD create a marketing strategy that defines how your offering meets the needs of your potential customers in each campaign. CODWORD use the strategy to create a consistent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, site experience to produce sales, and ad messaging. We spend time every week testing and analyzing every aspect of your campaigns to ensure that they are performing optimally Once your campaigns are set up and driving results,. We set you up for success and ensure that your campaigns provide the best return on investment possible by combining paid search management, optimization and analytics.

Why CODWORD is different from other PPC Management Agency?


At Codword, our PPC expert are Google certified digital marketing experts having 8+ years of experience performing the activities in different niches. They have expertise to place the ads over competitors by placing a perfect bid on business keywords that bring targeted audience in bulk.


The CRM tools we use at Codword for managing the PPC advertisement strategies are quite simple to understand. Our clients are provided with each and every update on the activities being performed by our PPC Expert. We make strategies keeping our clients aware of it and believe in deriving best results out of it.


Our certified PPC experts are expert in handling your online advanced promoting requirements for better ROI and Business.


Try not to think SEO can be ensured by a respectable organization? Be that as it may, we guarantee you to get website advertisement ranked on the first page of Google above the search results.


A dedicated project manager is assigned to all our clients as he/she in coordination with the former, manages all the operations as well as send daily reports related to PPC activities. Any changes if required or recommended by client; are taken care of by project manager and are made effective at the earliest.


At CODWORD, we offer customized packages to the clients as per their requirement that can easily fit in theirs as well as our budget.


Our dedicated PPC professionals deliver exemplary ppc management services during the business hours between Monday-Friday. Our project managers are accessible amid your working hours to guarantee better correspondence.

Connect with Us Anytime You Want

As if you've launched a new company and want to get targeted audience on the official website with an aim to convert those into potential clients, send us your enquiries, our PPC Consultant revert back to you.